Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is a service whereby a provider hosts a Microsoft exchange server within their premises on its own server so its clients can use email services without investing on infrastructure. The provider is solely responsible for maintenance of the hosted data of its clients on the server. Clients are provided access to the exchange console to manage their mail accounts, emails, address book, task and attachments from anywhere on the globe irrespective of the platform used to access. We at ITOUTSOURCE help you to refine the search which provider to choose over other as emails in it is the heart & soul of the business and we understand this. Business emails need to be running 24×7 and migrating emails from one provider to another in order check the best which suits your business need. Here are list of benefits involved in using Hosted Exchange-

• One-stop-shop experience
• 99.999% guaranteed up-time
• Migration and on-boarding are easy
• Multiple data centers to avoid data loss