Forensic verification

Anti-piracy services provided by No Media Piracy combat unauthorized online distribution of digital media (Title List provided by Client) for the Client. Violators are confronted with licensing agreements, and infringements to copyrights. The challenge is to identify the suppliers of pirated copies, and to take action against their illegal distribution.No Media Piracy anti-piracy solutions include both detection and countermeasure services to prevent the unauthorized downloading and distribution of digital content.

Piracy Detection Services

Monitoring of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, portals, forums, and blogs to automatically generate alerts of illegal downloads.Detection of first seeders offering a pirated copy in the BitTorrent network to enable quick kill response Tracking of IP addresses and downloading of pirated files for further investigation and legal actions International coverage of digital titles

Piracy Countermeasure Services

Distribution of decoys in P2P networks to subvert distribution of pirated copies, and deliver targeted messages, e.g. warnings against illegal piracy.Deletion of illegal downloads from sharehosting and videohosting sites.Anti-piracy services protect authorized distribution channels, and reduce the financial loss to online piracy. Providers of illegal copies are unmasked and evidence collected for legal action. In addition, action is taken to deter the distribution of pirated copies from downloading platforms including BitTorrent networks, sharehosting sites, and videohosting sites.