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Why to Upgrade Your Hard Drive and Improve its Performance?

There are two reasons to upgrade your hard drive:

  1. You’re running out of space
  2. You want faster performance.


The reason why HDD needs optimization is that after a while, data is scattered all over the place. There is a lot of distance, even if it is the same file. The hard drive reader will have to work harder. That’s what optimization tools help achieve. The data is reorganized so that it can be retrieved faster. Here is the list of methods to follow:


-Defragment and optimize drives.

-Enable write cache storage

-Optimize file page

-Optimize services, applications and storage space.


Defragment and optimize drives

Windows has a Disk Defragmenter tool that has been there for a long time. It improves performance by reorganizing files in such a way that they can be recovered quickly, i.e. less read head movement. The tool has been improved over the years, and you can also schedule the process. While you can opt to leave everything in Windows, or if you have a schedule, you can set it up for weekends, but be sure to keep the computer on.


Enable write caché

If you enable write caché, you will remove the load from the hard drive by using a caché in the middle. Then, when you save a file, it writes all information, including data, to a temporary location. Since writing to cache is faster than saving to hard disk, it results in better performance. It is useful when editing large files, such as images and videos.


Optimize page file

The page file has long been misunderstood. Windows users use it as a temporary space to hold when RAM is full. While it may not run out of RAM, thanks to the affordable price, most have more than we need, but deleting PageFile.SYS won’t make a difference. In fact, it’s better to have it than not to have it at all.

So, if you eventually run out of memory, PageFile.SYS will come in handy. Windows will put the data back into this, free up memory and do something else.


Optimize background services, applications and storage space.

This is a general tip that improves not only HDD performance but also computer performance. If you have too many applications, background services, it will have an impact, as it will keep the HDD purchase and you may not be able to work as expected. Also, if you are running out of storage space, it may affect as the hard drive will have trouble reorganizing files, claiming space to save files.


The bottom line is that you should get rid of anything that is unnecessary and resource-consuming.


If all you want is to improve the overall performance of Windows 10, the best way is to switch to a hybrid model.


Install Windows on an SSD and keep everything else on HDD. You can opt to do the optimization for HDD and let Windows rest to manage the SSD.


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