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Why You Should Upgrade RAM memory??

RAM capacity is expressed in terms of gigabytes (GB). As you have more gigabytes, you will notice better performance.


Among the benefits of increasing RAM memory are the following:


1. Better simultaneous operation of programs.

Perhaps for work reasons you have to keep several programs open on your screen. You will understand what RAM memory is for when you interact between programs, especially if you are above the average RAM.


2. Efficient Internet browsing

4 GB or more of RAM will allow you to watch videos or your favourite movies on the Internet without interruptions. Of course, the benefits of high RAM will be experienced throughout your web browsing, allowing you to have multiple tabs open in the browser without problems, which can be very useful for online study and work.


3. Ability to excecute programs and play the latest games out there.

Some video games and graphic applications will require at least 8 GB of RAM for a smoother experience. If your gamer computer offers them you will have no problem with programs that demand those resources, allowing you to play without interruptions and increasing the chances of winning.


So what is the purpose of efficient factory RAM? To save you these inconveniences and give immediate use to your equipment, avoiding headaches.


So, how much RAM do you need?

  • 4GB is the minimum amount. It’s fine for general use, with up to around ten browser tabs, a little photo editing, and video streaming.
  • You’ll notice a significant improvement if you upgrade to 8GB. This is good for serious multi-tasking, browsing with up to 30 tabs open, editing RAW photos, and mid-range gaming.
  • For heavier tasks, you should look to 16GB for best results. Serious gaming, media editing, or any pro-level tasks will be best with this much memory.


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