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Windows 11 and its NEW FEATURES!

During the pandemic, computer use has been transformed. We have used it to work at home, but also to communicate with family and friends, as well as using it more frequently for entertainment and leisure. For all these reasons Windows 11, the new environment of Microsoft that has two objectives: to promote the productivity and the creativity of the users. We show you its main novelties.


The new features of Windows 11


The personalization of the workspace, a simplified user experience or a greater security are some of the characteristics of the new operating system of Microsoft.

  • Simplified design and user experience. The goal is to boost productivity and inspire creativity. From the new Start button to the taskbar, every sound, font and icon has been redesigned for simplicity.
  • A unified experience across all devices. The new Start Button takes center stage as it relies on the cloud and Microsoft 365 to display recent files no matter what platform or computer they were previously being used on, even if it’s Android or iOS devices.
  • Workspace customization. The new ‘Snap Layouts’, ‘Snap Groups’ (the Windows window organization methods) and Desktop management in Windows 11 facilitate multitasking so that each user can adjust their workspace to the needs they have at any given moment. With these new features you can organize windows and optimize screen space with a visually clean design.
  • Teams integration in the taskbar. This allows users to connect instantly via text, rich chat, voice or video with anyone, anywhere across Windows, Android and iOS.
  • Enhanced gaming experience. Windows 11 offers different functionalities with which to enjoy games on the PC, such as Auto HDR, Direct Storage and an access to the Xbox app to enjoy different titles through Xbox Game Pass.
  • Thanks to the new AI-powered personalized feed, the most relevant information is available directly to your Desktop. Widgets also opens a new space within Windows for creators to offer personalized content.
  • New Microsoft Store. A more open ecosystem for developers and creators has been created in the new Windows, as well as a faster and safer experience for IT (Information Technology) professionals. New Android apps are also expected to come to Windows. They will even be available for download through the Amazon Appstore.
  • Reinforced security. It has new integrated security technologies that add protection, such as the chip to the cloud. For it, Windows 11 offers an operating system prepared for ‘Zero Trust’, that protects the data and the access in all the devices. On the other hand, and because this new environment builds on the foundation of Windows 10, it is also safer and faster for IT professionals thanks to elements such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager, cloud configuration, Windows Update for Business and Autopilot, which enable a natural integration of Windows 11.
  • With new accessibility improvements created by and for people with disabilities.
  • Speed, efficiency and user experience. Thanks to the tactile interaction, to the possibilities of use of the digital pencil and to the voice instructions.


Hybrid work. It offers a user experience adapted to the current reality, secure by design, and familiar to IT departments, so that they can implement and manage it in a simple way. Now, companies can also test the Windows 11 Preview version on Azure Virtual Desktop or, from the time of launch, also on the new Windows 365.


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