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 A global anti-piracy company that provides services which protect from unauthorized distribution channels and reduce the financial loss to online piracy. 

Providers of illegal copies are unmasked and evidence collected for legal action. In addition, action is taken to the distribution of pirated copies from downloading platforms including BitTorrent networks, share-hosting sites, and video-hosting sites. Our clients include Entertainment One.



Track & Monitor

Efficiently detect pirated content all over online presence, by crawling links, torrents, social, streaming & unauthorized platforms.


Piracy Detection & Removal

Detection and take down copyright violations offering quick kill response Tracking of IP addresses and downloading pirated files for further investigation and legal actions.


Piracy Report

We provide Customized Weekly Reports with detailed information of all the pirated links, measuring the dates and deleted, copyrighted content.

No Media Piracy

Explore What We

Our Anti-piracy services protect all distribution of the different digital channels and reduce the financial loss due to online piracy in a wide range of sectors.

Our methods can be adapted to fit all industries. We protect video content, TV Shows, Movies, Video Games, Software, Music, E-Books and more.


The increasing illegal copying of Film content has affected the industry´s economy. We work towards stopping the copyright infringement.


Pirated text books to audio book torrents have been illegally copied and become a major threat to publishers and media owners.


Let´s start protecting your music rights. Illegally streamed music, torrents, pirated downloads are threatening the Industry.


Games and software piracy is a threat to educational, entertainment and commercial software rights to its owners.

no Media Piracy

We have Protected

Piracy Detection Services to succeed

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Monitoring of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, portals, forums, websites and blogs to automatically generate alerts of illegal downloads.

Detection of first seeders offering a pirated copy in the BitTorrent network to enable quick kill response Tracking of IP addresses and downloading of pirated files for further investigation and legal actions International coverage of digital titles.

no Media Piracy

Why We Are The Best

We offer the MOST competitive pricing compared to any Anti-piracy services in Canada. No Media Piracy combat unauthorized online distribution of digital media. Violators are confronted with licensing agreements, and infringements to copyrights. The challenge is to identify the suppliers of pirated copies, and to take action against their illegal distribution.

No Media Piracy anti-piracy solutions include both detection and countermeasure services to prevent the unauthorized downloading and distribution of digital content.

we Will Assist You in any Issue or Conflict

  • Deletion of illegal downloads from sharehosting and videohosting sites.
  •  Send legal takedown notices to illegal downloading sites. 
  • Create comprehensive and detailed reports of what has been found and the status of the file.
  • Distribution of decoys in P2P networks to subvert distribution of pirated copies, and deliver targeted messages, e.g. warnings against illegal piracy

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Internet or Online Piracy is the downloading or distribution of unauthorized copies of intellectual property such as movies, television, music, games and software programs via the Internet. Illegal downloads occur in many forms including file sharing networks, pirate servers, websites and hacked computers. Each file posted on the Internet can result in millions of downloads.

No Media Piracy embraces the Internet for providing innovation, new applications, channels and distribution, and is working to address new threats to content protection that unfortunately accompany the Internet.

This is a hard question to answer as it depends on many factors. It depends how the content is handled by different people and how many copies of the content are out there. It also depends on the popularity of the content.

We also have to take into account if all steps taken to protect your content. In general, it all depends on how your digital content is accounted for marking and other demo purposes for example. Its like your anti-virus protections, if you do not have best practices in place, that is where your vulnerability lies.

We have a 3-step procedure. The first one is concentrated on tracking and monitoring the title, by finding out what is available on the internet, going through various bit torrent sites and various other sites to find your content.

The 2nd step is eliminating or removing your content by cease-and-desist legal letters to the content provider and their host site. It’s sometimes a long process but we have 95% success rate.

At last, we provide the detailed Piracy Report with all the information about your content with pirated links found.

Internet is worldwide and there are no boundaries on the internet. So yes, we do protect content in Canada, but we do not just focus in Canada. We do our searches worldwide.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but we work hard to remove it ASAP.

We don’t do water marks like some do, but with continuous monitoring we can keep your titles safe from pirated sites.

Continuous monitoring and prevention are the best solutions. Please call at 416-837-2448 us or contact us through the button below to discuss your specific needs.

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